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Welcome to our real estate surveyor service

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One thing is to find your dream house – and another is to buy it: we present our real estate surveyor service

The surveyor figure is a little-known role in the real estate agent job. We will offer some information to acknowledge this professional feature of a good real estate agent.

For over 45 years we at Ceigrup Torrent API have been acting as intermediaries in estate sale-purchase transactions in a professional and reliable way. This has earned us great prestige in our area, the Costa Brava.

The most visible part of this job is marketing:

Taking good photographs, writing appealing descriptions for potential buyers, publishing them on our website and on over 20 domestic and international real estate portals, putting up “For sale” signs in the properties, etc., attending to potential buyers on the phone, by email or in our offices, taking the clients to visit the properties on sale, and finally making an offer that satisfies both the seller and the buyer. 

Great! We can now go to the notary public. Are you sure?

Marketing is an important part of an operation. However, the work does not end there; that is when the most relevant and delicate procedures take place. 

Buying a house is not like buying a €50 shirt. It can often be more laborious than getting a bespoke suit. There are many aspects to consider – financial, legal, fiscal, and sometimes inheritances. That is where our experience and savoir-faire provide an added value that cannot be found anywhere else. 

Even though you wish to handle the sale or purchase yourself, or even through another intermediary, you may find the following information helpful – our surveyor service. 

The surveyor service consists of having all the aspects of the operation under control – doing the necessary urban, registry and council verifications, calculating the taxes to be paid by the seller and/or the buyer, the paperwork: ratifications, earnest money agreements, property deeds, after-sale operations such as changes of ownership, etc.

Even if you intend to carry out the operation on your own, whether selling or purchasing a property, you can hire our services as surveyors. We will safeguard your interests and closely monitor all the steps to guarantee a safe operation. 

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