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It’s with pleasure that we assist you with the refurbishment of your home!

It’s with pleasure that we assist you with the refurbishment of your home!

If you wish to maintain a high standard of comfort and maintain or increase the value of your property, refurbishment is necessary with the passing of time.

One of our private administration department‘s serrvices is the refurbischment of properties. We can introduce you to the right people for the work you want carried out, offer you different projects and budgets, assist you with the choice of materials and keep track of work.

In case your property doesn’t need an important investment, sometimes with a small budget you can obtain great results.

Some ideas to give your property a new look :

  • Painting the walls in neutral colours
  • The illumination is very important. Small details can achieve great results.
  • Old dark wood doors and wardrobes can be painted in light, bright colours.
  • Gain space without expanding: remove unnecessary furniture or think about a new more functional distribution. Tearing down partitions can bring amplitude to your home without increasing the m2.
  • Replacing the curtains and bed covers for modern ones.
  • Bathrooms and kitchens are very important places for the comfort of your home: change an old bath for a shower tray or open to the living room, a closed kitchen can provide comfort everyday in your home.

Another idea : Make a home compromised with the environment will help you to reduce the electricity invoice.

  • Install more efficient boilers and appliances.
  • Replace old light bulbs for LED lights, place movement sensors for illumination
  • Improve doors and windows closures.

The pictures below are some examples of the renovations made for our clients :

rehabilitacions dutes a terme



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