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Important information: ENDESA changes the old electricity meters.

We inform you that Endesa, the electricity supplier company, is replacing the old electric meters for the smart telematic meters.

Contrary to the old meters, the new ones integrate the contracted electrical capacity which make the main safety electric switch disconnect when using a higher power than the allowed, causing continuous cuts in the supply.

Over the last months we have experienced this problem in many of the properties and in order to check if the power contracted is appropriate for the appliances we request you to send us a copy of an invoice of the electric bill . The capacity is directly related to the power required for the total number of electrical devices that are connected at the same time. 

To increase the light power, the electric company requests a certificate of the installation that must be issued by an authorised electrician or engineer and renovations in the electrical installation may be required to comply with the current regulation.

You can request a power increase through the customer service phone number that you will find on your invoice.

However, if you wish, we can advise you and take care of these procedures as we know that in some cases it has its difficulties (processing electrical bulletins and visits to the electric cy.).

The handling cost would be : 95 € + VAT

For possible modifications in the electrical installation and obtaining the certificate, required by the company, we can contact the electricians and engineers who often collaborate with us. The prices for the certificate vary between 95 € and 185 € + VAT.

Contact the person in charge of this subject at our head office, Cristina Fernández: +34 972 758925, extension 334 or by email:

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